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My Best Stories - Alice Munro I finally read Munro consumed by guilt at not having read the only Canadian author to ever win a Nobel Prize for literature. This is a collection of short stories covering her whole career. I was a bit leery of Munro because I thought that it would be all icy glances over the dishes. The stories are actually pretty much that kind of thing, but they are quite good.

She writes well, although not really well. The third person pieces are more effective because she always writes in the same voice and that makes it seem that all the first person pieces are about the same characters. She writes very much about middle class problems in small towns. I found the whole to be less than the sum of its parts. While many of the stories are outstanding, she can get a bit samey and there is not really as much variety as there might be. I think she is good at short stories, but she would not make my top ten for short story writers. A lot of her writing is daring in a safe kind of way. For those who are Canadian, it is very much CBC Radio 1 writing and would appeal to that kind of crowd.

She's good, but not really good and I am unlikely to read anymore. She's slightly overrated in the end.