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Herzog - Saul  Bellow, Phillip Roth Great use of the English language. It's masterfully written, but at times drags a little bit. It's really a character piece. I have a hard time knowing how to react to that part of the novel, not because I don't understand Herzog, but instead because I understand him too well. I greatly resemble Herzog and his past in many ways resmebles my own. I'm not inclined, then, to see him as a particularly heroic character, because I'm not inclined to see myself that way.

The book is mostly interior monologues, told through writting letters and it is a compelling work in that regard. I often like those kinds of pieces, although I rarely rate them five stars. Given how much I resemble Herzog and how well written the book is, I perhaps should have rated it higher, but there is something missing that I can not put my finger on.