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Sophie's Choice

Sophie's Choice - William Styron Sophie's choice is about a young writers initiation into sex, a doomed romance and the holocaust experience of a polish woman named Sophie. These three threads are woven together quite well. I found the writers story the least interesting and the most interesting is the holocaust part of the book, but overall it is very good.

Styron is a good writer and he handles the narrative well. I found that what he had to say towards the end about making sense of the holocaust was a little confused. But overall it was extremely good about certain aspects of the holocaust. In particular, it is insightful into the guilt of the survivors and also the ways in which the Nazis co-opted the inhabitants of the camp into their own oppression. Finally, the incomprehensibility of these events taking place next door to normal life is also well done.

It is also interesting in the ways in which links the racism of the South to the Holocaust. The doomed romance is also interesting. TYhe coming of age part.

A good book and well worth reading, although it is a little long.