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I, Robot

I, Robot - Isaac Asimov Asimov is one of the ABCs of SF: Asimov, Bradley and Clarke. To me the primary thing that these three authors have is that they are all overrated.

I, Robot is OK, but that is all. It is a collection of linked short stories with a few reoccurring characters. The main thing that reoccurs is Asimov's three laws of robotics. Asimov plays logic games with these laws, but I don't find these games to be that interesting or impressive. He also has a particularly unconvincing future. His characters are flat and mostly talk. The whole thing is dull.

There is a lot about robot psychology in the book which is a big problem as their psychology is not convincing as either a machine or a human psychology.

I think that it was worse than the Foundation Trilogy and I was not in love with that. Of the three overrated ABC's I think it is Asimov who is the most overrated. He's not terrible, but his reputation is wholly undeserved.

Mildly entertaining.