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Last Exit To Brooklyn

Last Exit To Brooklyn - Hubert Selby Jr., Gilbert Sorrentino A great book. It uses a style of language that is free flowing and that I do not normally care for. It's complete refusal to hide or soften anything will not be liked by most readers as too much and too blunt, but I think that people need to write that way,about these kinds of topics.

It is really just a bunch of short stories unified by a setting and a mood, but it still works perfectly as a novel. The major problem is that the central story "Strike" which anchors the novel is of considerably lower quality than the rest of the book.

The gang rape scene of Tralala is in my opinion one of the best scenes in all of literature, but I would imagine most people would disagree.

Update: I am increasingly coming to the opinion that Selby is the most important writer working in English in the last 50 years. I am tempted to read everything that he ever wrote in one burst, but I know I will regret it, if I don't spread it out.