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Burmese Days

Burmese Days - George Orwell This book is as one might think from Orwell an indictment of colonialism. Focusing on the machinations of getting native Burmese into a small white's only club, several people are consumed and destroyed in the process.

The book gets better as it goes along. It is at times very good, but it is written by an Orwell who has not yet found his voice. His later works such as 1964 and Down and Out in Paris and London allow his rage to come out. This is a bit more genteel by the standards of Orwell and the oppression is not wallowed in quite so sharply. Perhaps this is because it is told from the perspective of people on the top and not on the bottom, which is where Orwell shines.

Lots of it is quite good. Especially the scenes of abortive romance, where the lead character falls hopelessly in love with someone far beneath him. The climatic riot scene is also well done,

I think that Orwell is a good candidate for greatest writer of the 20th century, but this is one of his lesser works. Worth reading but not brilliant.