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Moomin, Vol. 3

Moomin, Vol. 3 - Tove Jansson This is the third in the comic strip. Personally, I think that Tove Jansson's least important work is in her comic strips. The format of a daily newspaper strip was not suited to her particular form of genius. Having said that, while the quality of the work here varies quite a bit. The War of the Worlds spoof is probably the weakest, the whole thing is a delight. The most interesting bit is when they go to a lighthouse, because that work is a first pass at the material in Moominpappa at Sea, which is perhaps her greatest novel and it foreshadows that work of genius. The art is very good considering how it was being rushed out although the stories are a little disjointed. It isn't just for the die hard Moomin fan, but is worth reading for everyone.