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Esquival's Like Water for Chocolate

Like Water for Chocolate - Thomas Christensen, Carol Christensen, Laura Esquivel

This is a magical realist novel.  Some people think that it is high literature, but it isn't.  IT is very derivative of Garcia Marquez but without the wonderful language. The book is divided into twelve chapters named after the months of the year.  That is done for no apparent reason that I could see and felt like a poorly executed gimmick.  There is also a recipe for every chapter which is included into the chapter and where the cooking creates an accidental magic spell.  The book is set during the Mexican Revolution but this is more a colourful backdrop than anything else.  

In general, the book is a pop version of Garcia Marquez.  It's not bad although the prose is very simplistic in a bad way.  Its light fluff posing as serious literature.  I have always preferred serious literature that poses as light fluff.  It's magical realism for the bored unintellectual housewife really.  It's not bad, it's just bland.