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Checkov's The Cherry Orchard

The Cherry Orchard - Anton Chekhov, Tom    Murphy

I know that I am meant to love Checkov, but I was not terribly inspired by this.  I feel that I would like to see it performed and I may end up watching it on You Tube.  The play concerns an aristocratic family fallen on hard times and forced to sell everything that they own.  The action is oblique and the atmosphere is one of wistful misery.  It felt very much to me like a bit of a stereotype of Russian literature.

Their is a kind of school of serious drama that grew up in the 20th century.  It appears that Ibsen and Checkov were the originators of this school.  It is really my least favorite school of theatre.  Anyway, the play was fine.  I was not appalled by it and it has some clever bits.  However, I was not enthralled by it either.  I suspect that there might be a translation issue, because I could not really see why it was meant to be a masterpiece.