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Mishima's The Sound of Waves

The Sound of Waves - Yukio Mishima, Meredith Weatherby

Like most of the Japanese fiction that I have read this is delicate and precise.  As such you have to read it slowly and absorb it carefully.

It is really a very simple love story and basically a novella rather than a  novel, at least in form if not technically.  The characterization is extremely well done and the language is very beautiful.  There are many lovely scenes, including a wonderful erotic scene by a fireplace.  It's title suits it perfectly because the sight and sounds of the sea infuse the novel from cover to cover.

I rate books harshly, so that is part of the reason that I am rating this book so low.  However, the main reason is that I just cannot see this book staying with me. It is beautiful, but in the end slight.

Worth reading, but not a must read by any stretch of the imagination.