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Blixen's Out of Africa

Out of Africa - Isak Dinesen, Karen Blixen

This is a memoir of the author's experiences running a plantation in Kenya.  It is colonial literature, which would make it automatically bad to some people.  It is not in any way a romance, and is really an account of the sights and sounds of Africa and an account of the ways and manners of the aboriginal population.

To me the book is goodish, but not great.  Is it patronizing? Sure, but its also affectionate  Karen Blixen was of her time, but she was a reasonably decent person for her time and a keen observer.  I find it hard to get too excited about this book, but I|can't say that it is a bad book.  Its good, but not great.  Well written, but not beautifully written and so on.

Not a must read or a must avoid, but a read if you like this sort of thing.