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Twain's A Connecticut Yankee

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Mark Twain

A bit of a disappointment.  The book is quite funny at times and consistently clever, and it is a satire.  The problem is it is a satire where the author is depending his own society as superior and satarizing something the target is not clear.  It could be medieval society, but while one can make fun off medieval society why satirize it?  Also it is very unfair to medieval society.  It also targets anti-scientific thought, which is fine.  But it hammers on the Catholic church in a way that was a couple of hundreds of years out of date at the time it was written and is very unfair.

Basically, the problem is that while it is funny and clever, it is also unfair and satirizes ideas and ways of life which were no longer in existence at the time it was written, so what is the point.  It's also quite smug and sort of reactionary in a weird way.  Neither Twain not satire at its best.