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Brook's World War Z

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks

This book is a bit of a disappointment.  For those who have seen the film, it is not particularly close and the file covers only about the first third of the book.  I was hoping the book would be better than the film, if anything it was worse.  The book is composed of a number of first person accounts of the apocalyptic war with Zombies.  The problem is that the book takes a naturalisitic and realistic approach and tries to be a reasonable account of a Zombie war.  That makes it unfortunate that the Zombies are very much traditional zombies and hence violate the laws of thermodynamics and so on.  Also the psychology of people in such a situation is ridiculous.  For instance, we are told about Quislings who are non-infected who start acting like Zombies.  I would have thought that PTSD would be more likely.  It turns out to be neither fish nor fowl.  It's not campy enough to be light-hearted Zombe fun, and not realist enough to be a "realistic" account of a Zombie apocalypse.  I was quite bred with it at times, and would have quit reading if it wasn't such a light and breezy read.