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Dick's Ubik

Ubik - Philip K. Dick

Typical Dick in that it has a creative and unusual plot, the ideas come thick and fast, it has the feel of surrealistic satire, it concerns the nature of the self, God, Salvation, Appearance and Reality and so on.  Its absolutely what I am coming to expect from Dick.  The plot makes The Matrix look normal.

Its well worth reading.  I don't know where I would rate it within the books that I have read by Dick.  ALl Dick's books are different, but they are all the same too.

I sort of think that Dick is a lot more like Vonnegut, than people make him out to be.  In some ways Dick is a better writer (his ideas), in some ways a worse writer (his sentences) and he is certainly a crazier writer.

If you like Dick, you'll like this.  If you haven't read Dick this is as good a place as any to start.  Clever, inventive, kind of crazy, if he was more of a poet he would be amongst the greatest of writers.