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Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together - Bryan Lee O'Malley, Steve Buccellato

I have the heretical opinion that the Scott Pilgrim books are the best works that I've read by a Canadian author.  This book is very much in the same spirit as the previous three.  What I think is so very clever about these books is the way they appropriate various pop culture motifs, including a number of fantastic ones and seamlessly combine these with an accurate depiction of the lives of the young, underemployed urbanites.


The books are drawn in an archetypical manga style, but combine that with drawing the very prosaic and impoverished lives of people in their early twenties, whose primary concerns are dating in dysfunctional relationships, being cool and avoiding responsibility.  The books are set in downtown Toronto's west end, where I live and capture that place perfectly while capturing something universal.  Scott Pilgrim is an interesting character, who is kind of a self-interested, irresponsible but charming jerk.  Pop culture, and especially video game  references are placed throughout the work.  It uses the conventions of comics and especially manga to their maxim effect, while being true to these kinds of lives.


Very good.