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Hothouse - Brian Wilson Aldiss

A very strange book. It feels like, and may have been, written on drugs. It is set in the far future where humans have devolved into tiny green furred creatures. The world is now tidally locked with the sun, and one side is perpetual sunlight.

The prose is prosaic but the images are hallucinatory. The basic ecology is that of continent covering banyan trees, with various ambulatory and predatory plants consuming humans and the few remaining animals. The plot is a long, basically fruitless journey, through an ecology gone mad, with plant human symbiotes, and prasitic thinking morels.

It does not make a great deal of sense and the science is so nonsensical that in many ways it is more fantasy than science fiction. It has a lot if interesting ideas combined with some very silly ones. It is nice to see a book that is about human evolution and which basically understands the non-teleological nature of human evolution and which is set in the far future. In that way, it is similar to The Time Machine.

The writing is not compelling, nor are the characters, but the world is and its full of interesting and also nonsensical ideas.

An acid trip novel.