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Stars My Destination (Sf Masterworks 05)

Stars My Destination (Sf Masterworks 05) - Alfred Bester A very good book. The book is about a future society in which people can jaunt. Jaunting is teleportation caused by the power of the mind. The book itself jaunts. It moves at lighting speed from scene to scene, The action is furious and fast, and the book hurls you forward.

The book is about the redemption of the main character who is more or less a psychopath. The British title of the book is Tyger, Tyger, which suits it much better. The main character, Gully Foyle has some fantastic imagery around tigers and being a predator. The main characters are all embodiments of the will to power, Foyle most of all. Even though there is a moral message, the book revels in his savagery.

There is an astonishing love of words for a SF novel. Bester continuously plays with words. There is a lot crackling dialogue. The Stars My Destination is a very good book, and unlike any other SF novel I've read.


I've been living with the memory of this book for a while and it is now clear to me that it is really one of the very finest science fiction novels ever written. Upped to five stars.