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All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front - A.W. Wheen, Erich Maria Remarque The definitive novel on the horrors of war and the physical and psychological trauma that it can cause. The book focuses on one soldier and his experiences. The horrors of battle are vivid and because it is WWI, probably the most inhuman of all wars, the scenes are vividly hellish. As well as battle, boredom, hospitals, going on relief, and all other aspects of the soldiers experience are vividly drawn. The books focus is on how the inhumanity of war destroys its participants. The senseless visciousness is on every page, even when the soldiers are behind the front, trying to scare up food or women.

I did not care for the last page, for reasons that I cannot give without spoiling the book. Very good and relentless. Unlike something like Farewell to Arms, it is solely about war.

Very good.