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The Moviegoer

The Moviegoer - Walker Percy This book is a book that people know about, but don't seem to actually read, which is a great shame. It is very well written, although I enjoyed the first half quite a bit more than the second half, which becomes maybe a little less negative and loses its power.

It's basically a book about battling ennui in New Orleans. The prose is extremely good and there is a sort of wry quiet desperation to it. Very close to the best book I've read by a southern writer. It seems like it is slipping into an undeserved obscurity.

It is really the quality of the prose that stands out more than anything. It is so well written that at first I thought that it would be a five star book, but it enthralled me less as I went along. Very good book though.

It also helps in that I've seen almost all the movies and the main characters taste in films is excellent.