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No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men - Cormac McCarthy An interesting McCarthy work. It is essentially a modern day Western, especially of the Spaghetti type. Told in McCarthy's sparse style. Here he is at his sparsest.

It pretty clearly is a meditation on good and evil. This is now my third McCarthy and the previous two were also meditations on good and evil, so I suppose that this is McCarthy's thing.

I liked it a lot. I like it all the way through and the main villain is particularly well done. McCarthy is at his best creating memorable psychopaths.

I don't know that I get the ending and how Bell the sheriff fits in. We could think of him as a spectator, but he is barely even that. It loses a little here and I almost wish the book had finished ten pages before it did. However, McCarthy proves that he is one of the greatest living writers.