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The Corrections

The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen The Corrections is well written and intelligent, but lacks a certain something. I think that for me there is a commonality in certain American contemporary writers, such as Michaal Chabon, Neal Stevenson, Phillip Roth, Thomas Pynchon and Don Dillio where there is a certain indulgently patronizing attitude taken to their characters. I was also mildly annoyed by a horror of the lumpen-proletariat that Franzen has but seems unaware of. The book is much too long and too little happens in it. It's sort of a feel-good-feel-superior book for Eastern Liberal Arts majors, but it did not quite work for me somehow. People seem to treat this as a realist novel and I don't find it to be that.

However it is well written and has all sorts of merits as a book. Franzen is a talented writer, but something did not sit wholly right with me about it. I'm frustrated with this type of writing which I think is not as clever as it thinks it is. Contains a little less insight into the human condition than it thinks it does. Having said all of that, it is well written and there are no bad scenes. It has some interesting things to think about, but I have no real compulsion to read anymore Franzen.