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The Crucible

The Crucible - Arthur Miller, Christopher Bigsby I read Death of a Salesman in high school and it did absolutely nothing for me. Now I've read this play and it also did nothing at all for me.

I should like this play. I have read about the European Witch Trials, especially the Scottish ones and I find them fascinating. I am strongly interested in false convictions and the form of madness that most fascinates me is when the madness of one individual comes to infect society as a whole. This play is about all those things, but it just did not reach me in any way.

I don't think that it is that good. Given what it is about it does not have to be very good for me to love it, but this just left me cold. I do not know why Arthur Miller is famous.

If you go to see up coming theater by new struggling play writes, about one time in five you will see something better than this play.

Competent and nothing more.