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Snow Crash

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson Very much a cross between Thomas Pynchon and William Gibson. That description of the novel, which is on the back of my book, is entirely accurate.

It has its roots in a failed graphic novel and while Stephenson's prose is very good, I think that the story would have been better suited to that medium. The extreme cartoonish situations and characters would work better in the comic format.

Lots of interesting ideas, but they are taken too far. While it is meant to be absurd satire, there is a precarious balance between realism and farce that does not quite come off in this format.

Overall quite interesting and well written satire of modern American culture, and it has a pleasingly described future, where even governments are franchised.

The characters are deliberately cartoonish in an effective way. It's the kind of book where Pizza Deliverers carry Samurai Swords. Ingenious and inventive, but far too long, and the explanations getting to the secret plot bog down.

In the end a mixed bag.