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The Rag Literary Magazine, Issue 6

The Rag Literary Magazine, Issue 6 - Seth Porter, Dan Reilly In Progress

I received a free copy of this journal for review purposes.

Mild Spoliers

The Rag is a literary journal that focuses on up and coming writers with a focus on transgressive and gritty writing. This is the second edition of the journal that I have reviewed.

The first work is a short story titled Someone in the Room Will by Falcon Miller. Focusing on a former Homeless woman who has been arrested for incest with her son, it concentrates on a few short days while she works as an office temp. It's told in the first person, which I'm not sure is a good idea, because part of the point of the whole thing is how unself-aware she is. I think the story is true to the realities of the very bottom of society, but it somehow lacks a literary spark. It's an interesting piece, but I think first person writing is not the right choice for poorly educated, self-delusional people because it can limit the writer too much. Having said that people desperately need to be writing about these kinds of people and these kinds of situations.

The next piece, Where the Butterflies Meet by Timothy Ghorkin is a well written piece about living an aimless life in New York City. As a writer Ghorkin shows promise writing with an entertaining and lively voice although the piece about aimless existence is in itself a little aimless, it is clever and good.