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Clowes' Wilson

Wilson - Daniel Clowes

Wilson is about a curmudgeonly possible sociopath trying unsuccessfully to connect with other human beings.  It is divided into one page stories about Wilson, which advance the narrative.  It has a little bit of a Lolita style self-delusion in the narrative, but is not totally consistent on that.  The are is OK.  Most interestingly the art style is constantly changing ranging through shades of realism and cartoonishness.

Each page will develop a theme with a usually massively anti-social zinger or humorous twist coming out of nowhere.  That rhythm threatens to get tedious, but the plot manages to advance just enough to stop that.

Wilson is interesting, but it is a minor work of art, perfectly fine to read, but not a must read at all.  The radically different directions in which it pulls are interesting, but they do not quite transform into something more.