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Goldman's Princess Bride.

The Princess Bride - William Goldman

Probably almost everyone who will read this has seen the movie.  Goldman is a fairly famous screenwriter and did the adaptation of the novel, so the movie closely follows the novel with large amounts of dialogue fully intact, and Goldman is a visual writer.  The main thing that the book has is the conceit that it is an abridged version of a much longer work.  That is is the ""Just the Good Bits version."  That book seems to be something that Victor Hugo would churn out with a fairy tale structure used to satirize society and numerous asides.  Instead we have Goldman chirping in to tell what he cut out and why he thought it was stupid and to tell us about his terrible marriage and the child he has not bonded to.  Those asides serve to undercut the fairy tale structure even more than in the movie and t raise questions about fairy tale tropes.  That makes it a better book than movie and it is consistently amusing, but a work of genius it is not.

Entertain light read and quite clever.