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Laura Ingalls WIlder's Little House on the Prarie

Little House on the Prairie - Garth Williams, Laura Ingalls Wilder

This book is not the one that the TV series was based on, but is the house immediately prior to that house.  It depicts the realities of a pioneer family in the 1870's.   It is a more satisfying book than the first one, having more of a natural narrative arc and more conflict and peril.  Despite that there is a feeling that the events have been sanitized.  IN particular there is no real reason given for the move to the prarie with all the hazards involved in that.


It is a good book for teaching children the social history of the pioneer movement.  People have pointed out that the book is racist against Indians, it is, but not particularly by the standards of the time in which it was written.  Different people will take different attitudes to letting children read those passages.  For me, the best solution would be to include them and have a discussion with ones kids about them.


There is really no reason to read this book after Little House in the Big Woods and I would read it first, because it is better.


Overall, though Wilder is not a great writer for children.  There is little here for an adult, and for a child it is most useful as genuine lived history and not some ahistorical PC version.  OK, but I don't think I will read anymore of the Little House books.