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Thompson's Blankets

Blankets - Craig Thompson

There is something about the graphic novel format that ideally lends itself to autobiography.  I don't know why that should be, but it is clearly the case.  This is a work which is centered around a high school love, really a first crush and intertwined with memories of childhood in a stultifying fundamentalist Christian home.


The book is really beautiful.  Thompson has a unique style and in particular he divides up the page in lovely ways.  The book explores love, Thompson's abandonment not of GOd, but of religion and the small and large cruelties that can be inflicted on children.


Thonpson was young when he wrote it, 29, and what I found interesting was that while Thompson might think that he has figured out the time periods constructed, he is really still struggling to understand and come to terms with them.


It's a lovely work.  I would say that it is not as good as Persepolis but better than Maus, and well worth reading.